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The Golden Fleece

by dat Brass

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Drawing parallels between Jason’s quest on the Argo and the struggles of young people in employment, dat Brass’ MC Looby rants against corporate loyalty atop bubbling brass in their single, ‘The Golden Fleece’. Echoing raucous live shows, ‘Fleece’ builds to a crescendo of distorted horns, driven drums and sub bass from MD Rudd, ending with a soaring, effects-driven alto solo from Jake Heath that demands a replay.
Rudd and Looby expand upon the song’s themes in an animated music video rallying against greed and excess. The band relish in expanding what is expected of artists, creating in-house media and working closely with independent artists to reiterate messaging. Treading the line between epic dystopian philosophy and a floor-filling call to arms, ‘Fleece’ is the ideal introduction to upcoming album, ‘dB’ - a unique mix of new British jazz, old British punk, contemporary dance music and classic hip-hop.


Now tell me is it wrong for me to say that I have little plans
I’ve not got long to play a fiddle to a middle man
Would not consider
An inner machination to be bigger than a cog in a machine
They are the dog you are the sheep
A sacrificial lamb
I see you lick the hand that feeds
To get a milligram of peace
But you’re no different
Than all those getting fleeced
You might count yourself to sleep
But while you're down you pull the wool over your eyes just like a sheet
It's pathetic
You're so deep you might as well forget it
No dreams in sight beyond a life domestic
Go eat all of those lies up, never try the sceptic
Does Ro-Bo Peep ever opine over ovines electric?
Though your head’s thick
You’re on a one way track to a death wish
I regret scraps of a life less lived
But the writings on the wall
And you've only read bits
The red mist it's coming down and I'm angry now
Handing out a notice to all the thankless wankers hanging out
Banging on about
Their balances and bank accounts
Cos bragging on aloud
Is tantamount to
Splashing cash around
I wouldn't put my peace of mind on auction for a piece of time
You dig this cheese and dough so much
Feeling like a pizza mine
If all you need is Ps and dime
I have got a Q
Take your place in line
Cos there’s a slot for you
I know I’ve spoke so lyrically
To say you have death in your eyes
I’m using this soliloquy
How Macbeth does a knife
I see about a dozen signs
That your love is blind
To summarise you're just a number in a bottom line
What a life just to sit in a cube
What am I if I never waste a day in the daily grind
Maybe I'm an innocent dude
Don’t wanna fit in a group
Wake up hit hit hitting the snooze
This is the living you were itching to choose
You gotta fake love for every shilling accrued
Straight up
This is hidden abuse
It’s no wonder that you’re taking your cup
And overfilling it with booze
Is the message getting through?
You've worn down your sole like the bottom of a leather shoe
If I gotta break my flow to reach forth and centre you
Then that's what I'll do
Reaching in your deep silk pockets
Looking for a leatherbound note
But it's never bound to go
To those who only want it now to make rent
Cos I know you slam your loaded wallet down to rake reds not break bread
Life hurts so post haste just break ranks and pinpoint
Why first and foremost you raise cash and pinch coins
I'll shirk on most days
Cos all work and no plays no fun
You're in the sights of the golden gun


released January 1, 2021
mc - lewis withey
trumpets - seb skelly, joe prescott
saxes - jake heath, adam mcloughlin
trombones - ben smith, jasper rose
contra clarinet - adam mcloughlin
bass (sousa) - michael ruddlesden
bass guitar - dan johnson
drums - jack tann
dj - dubba dutch
strings - alleya weibel, cristina cooper, dan giles, niamh sanders, hannah garty

producer - jess camilleri
additional engineering - chris kalcov
master - dr meaker


all rights reserved



dat Brass London, UK

anthemic horn lines and the tightest sousaphone, DJ & drum rhythm section this side of the millennium.

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