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by dat Brass

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Now tell me is it wrong for me to say that I have little plans I’ve not got long to play a fiddle to a middle man Would not consider An inner machination to be bigger than a cog in a machine They are the dog you are the sheep A sacrificial lamb I see you lick the hand that feeds To get a milligram of peace But you’re no different Than all those getting fleeced You might count yourself to sleep But while you're down you pull the wool over your eyes just like a sheet It's pathetic You're so deep you might as well forget it No dreams in sight beyond a life domestic Go eat all of those lies up, never try the sceptic Does Ro-Bo Peep ever opine over ovines electric? Though your head’s thick You’re on a one way track to a death wish I regret scraps of a life less lived But the writings on the wall And you've only read bits The red mist it's coming down and I'm angry now Handing out a notice to all the thankless wankers hanging out Banging on about Their balances and bank accounts Cos bragging on aloud Is tantamount to Splashing cash around I wouldn't put my peace of mind on auction for a piece of time You dig this cheese and dough so much Feeling like a pizza mine If all you need is Ps and dime I have got a Q Take your place in line Cos there’s a slot for you I know I’ve spoke so lyrically To say you have death in your eyes I’m using this soliloquy How Macbeth does a knife I see about a dozen signs That your love is blind To summarise you're just a number in a bottom line What a life just to sit in a cube What am I if I never waste a day in the daily grind Maybe I'm an innocent dude Don’t wanna fit in a group Wake up hit hit hitting the snooze This is the living you were itching to choose You gotta fake love for every shilling accrued Straight up This is hidden abuse It’s no wonder that you’re taking your cup And overfilling it with booze Is the message getting through? You've worn down your sole like the bottom of a leather shoe If I gotta break my flow to reach forth and centre you Then that's what I'll do Reaching in your deep silk pockets Looking for a leatherbound note But it's never bound to go To those who only want it now to make rent Cos I know you slam your loaded wallet down to rake reds not break bread Life hurts so post haste just break ranks and pinpoint Why first and foremost you raise cash and pinch coins I'll shirk on most days Cos all work and no plays no fun You're in the sights of the golden gun
When I peruse All the new confusing mixes Reperfusing hits And breaking tunes in bits I refuse to listen to a fusion which Is a soft-pop imagining of Ludacris Excuse me miss I just think its too remiss To take a tune diluted with a stupid twist And use the same old rubric You’re not cool for making it acoustic Might sound ruthless A bit rude But when I do spit Yes I spit truths Yet I got loose lips when I let loose So it’s time to pen my first diss track since yes dude dropped Cause the mess you got Distracts so misbegot You’ve got the context swapped And made the contents cropped Cut paste Takeaway Condense the complex plot Take concepts You could never comprehend And condescend Cause the con you caught us in is causing me to count to ten Cause the devil that we know Is the definition definite of devil that we don’t And we heard it for a while Purchase with a purpose And a service with a smile Every enterprise, trying to utilise Using music that’s reduced until it’s neutralised To unify and humanise I do despise Now they’re tuning in to intuition Using feelings like an ammunition Makes the revolution televised You’re no friend of mine I can see through you like a translucent pair of eyes Consumerism is its own reward if you are selling souls A euphemism yes but I am bored of all your wretched goals It’s a stretch I know To allege that instrumentals might be acting as an envelope Messing with us ever so Softly on a mental level Peddling the devil that we know Until it’s bevelled into best in show Now I rest my case I presented to you how the west was won How they want to make the rest embrace Seeing corporations as defining what we love to hate And taking stock of what they’ve got and shining out a smiling face
Snare 03:43
Don't wanna be a derivative I'm different I put the in in innovative Isn’t it primitive We are unlimited And all you spit is acquisitive I’m flipping these triplets Am I legitimate? Do I fit into the infinite raps That are spat inexplicable with the same emphasised syllables Riddle me this Not meant as a diss Got to refine our rhymes Resist Putting the emphasis on emphasis An elephant we must address I think its best Give it a rest See the trap that I set Not gonna follow the beat Not gonna flow with the rap I’ve gotta find my own niche Not gonna fall in the trap It makes me sigh when I encounter it You wrap all your rhymes round the click Every flow is a metre of designer thread Found to be counterfeit "most other flows are predictable" That's hypocritical Claiming I’m no archetypical Pinnacle of unoriginal bars Often it’s hard Rapping is more of a science than art I say from the heart Nobody’s more than a sum of their parts Splitting hair’s farcical Why do I criticise others so arbitral? Rhythms are cardinal Why can’t I use all the beats in my arsenal
Loop de Loop 03:22
Elucidate illusive illusions elute the truth (in fact) Lucy’s got me loose I’m feeling loucher than the Cheshire cat Listen to the lesson it’s illicit To be lucid last Looping getting loopy like I’m lupine in the lunar lucence (Who sent you) Booze has got me feeling like I’m Howard Hughes (How art you) Howling like a hound when you have had a few Going round we never found our tail We’re a maddened pooch Rewound until I realised I imagined you Like asheru I’m blowing ash askew and asking you to pass the zoot As a rule you shouldn’t leave an ally out the blue Next thing I know I’m alone eroding like a stone where flow stops Did you see explosions in the sky or was that post-rocks? Where were you when the bomb dropped? Unspoken but it’s heard like gun shot You keeping tabs? Keys have got me, to numb, locked Hither come, I’m searching even higher than that distant hum My tympanum vibrating to persistent drums Succumb to kingdom come
Brassman 02:25
Coming at you at the speed of sound When you need him most and you need him now He goes from coast to coast with beats like wow You can hear him loud Cause he’s here and now With the power of a black trombone He will blow you down like you’re a saxophone Flattens evil like they’re half a tone Now you have to know It’s our brass hero I am the man on the tom and the ride Nowhere to run nowhere to hide I am the guy with the golden gun Nowhere to hide nowhere to run Try to fight him? Are you sure? This guy’s tighter than an embouchure I’d be frightened for your life and more You better know where to hide when he blows his horn Fighting for peace from north west to the south east While you all sleep On his chest is a mouthpiece Not a bird, not a plane (Holy smokes) God knows he’s the hero we deserve but we don’t need I am the man on the dubs and the rise Nowhere to run nowhere to hide I am the guy with the golden gun Nowhere to hide nowhere to run I am the man with a hold on the mic Nowhere to run nowhere to hide I am the guy with the golden gun Nowhere to hide nowhere to run You better know where to go when comes No / where / to / hide / no / where / to / run I am the guy with the golden gun
Must be nice Getting yours You need to swallow your pride if you want more Have your cake Eat it too It’s hard to break off a piece But crumbs will do (Crumbs will do) I'm certain I'm a mess If I'm not certified fresh Set aside the circus curtain And I'm surely circumspect I've been searching for assertions on every server on the net But I skirt on the aspersions They just serve to breed regret Like a serpent in a circle that's been eaten to the neck I know my sermon to my serfdom is repeated every set Sertraline is surging through these arteries and yet Are the trees that hard to see past all this wood I have to check? Knock knock knock Is this real life? Wasn't what I did expect I didn't clock getting a living spitting rhymes from off the deck While a roster of musicians hides my total lack of cred An imposter that no hope or trying ever quite corrects And if I never sign a juicy deal, I'll die with no regrets Pinch me, prove it, is this real and if they ever sign a cheque Make it out to Looby and my ego might ascend My life feels like a movie got a right to see the end
I look back to the rhymes that I wrote in the past Sight to behold at the start Knife to the throat and I cross my heart I didn't know I could doss around this far Trying to draw lines From a wide eyed kid to the goat How does a tiny violet go From fire in the hole to fire in the booth? Star of a show from a mild mannered youth? The limelight felt so harsh like a pie in the sky dream I've had the time of my life It's not that hard to be me Dying to try it I'm straight telling you there's no questions asked Stage is set so keep your eyes on the prize you're the best in class Don't need a degree for the beat Just class If you wanna see them move their feet Just dance Let go and you’re gonna feel free So fast No it don’t take much to be me Feeling big on the stage now, never really thought I was born for this From London to Freetown, I put my heart and my soul in all this So my friend, never hold back You're allowed to be scared but never show that Opportunity's there you better hold that No more wasting time, cause I'm not wasting mine It's all hard now, wanna be ace of spades Put your cards down This game ain't Streets of Rage, put your guard down This pain, is insane, but it's bless So right about now don't be a sheep Get what you want, get what you need If they move two steps man go for the leap If they hate on you bro it ain't that deep I swear
Pidgin 02:41
Middle aged in a booth Oh shit, I wasted my youth I used to bite off and chew But know I’m long in the tooth Tryna use a computer But this shit’s from the future Taking ages to boot up And it’s ageist to boot Who’d have thought of all my phases Spitting bars hasn’t faded But it’s hard when your aged 58 playing basements Some say it’s better to burn out than fade But if my age tells me anything It’s that any day I’ll make it It’s better to burn out than fade away Don’t forget to quit before you’re all grey And if it turns out you’re here to stay Every dog will have his day Cause I've been burning the candle at both ends Flew off the handle, I was all scandals and no friends Twenty grand in the hole live at home for the low rent But I know my bands going platinum where this road ends I went from getting toasted with the most of my peers To eating Sunday roasts at Mum's watching reruns of Coast I sold my soul and my best years to warm beers at the watering hole Who said they hope to die before they get old?
On cobbled streets upon a Spanish hill that looks across the sea He sees her And dreams about how she could be the cleopatra to his caesar She sees him and time seems still But fear makes them turn away Luckily for the both of them homo sapiens is quite the ape They have found a way to hide away the pride the pain the shy the shame They drink it by the pint at night To try to numb their anxious brains It's an ancient ritual that humans use in times of love and war As lovers come up close they feel their heart rates start to soar He holds his head up high He rolls his shoulders back So much testosterone that it started leaking through his sack Looking to attract a beauty Mutually grab the booty They're both animals after all No matter how far we do be from our primal nature They've got a mind that's ancient Needs love and validation Reason for why he chase it Time don't waste it Move to the castanet Soon she caught a vibe She can't comprehend what he starts to say but there ain't need cos she pours the wine and Stands up His confidence looking handsome A consequence of 6 cans of random beers he got handed Their language now is passion The path towards satisfaction Was laid before them at random in an atom So it's magical that it happened danzon Before I start I want to let you know this stanza’s free Have you though about the chances that we’d even meet? How about we celebrate the fates That had a sightless hand in Linking up the branches of our cypress trees Left us languid in the heat Si senora I adore the floor you walk so let’s toast a glass (Un poco más) Let’s take it to the floor then back to yours (Detrás de las cámaras) Next think I know we’re dancing to a danzon Catching glances Losing track of hands on hips You keep a rose between your lips When I arose I never thought Our spanish stroll Could end like this You spin around and I say fuck the gowns Fuck the shoes, we’re barefoot now, Don’t need music use the sound Of two feet moving in the ground


Order of this album includes a digital copy of a limited edition dB zine, featuring photos by Gianmarco of our time on stage and in the studio, handwritten sheet music and lyrics, behind-the-scenes info, and original drawings by Looby.

This album is the culmination of 3 trips around the sun, featuring a raft of songs that were forged on stages and sticky floors all over the UK.

In early 2020, we retreated to the middle of nowhere to Giant Wafer studios, where we spent 10 days laying down the foundations of these 10 tracks with engineer & producer, Jess Camilleri. Each has a special place in our hearts, having all grown organically from simple ideas into the cacophonic fusion of sounds they are today. Packed with wall-to-wall lip-busters, our self-titled debut full-length album captures the energy of a live set, whilst using the opportunity of a studio to bring an unprecedented level of detail to the massive mix of jazz, dub, hip-hop, and DnB that we call our sonic home.

Vocally and instrumentally, the album reflects on the trappings of a tiny slice of fame, the relentlessness of the daily grind, and the state of the music industry today. We don’t shy away from your average love and party stories - obviously done in true dB style with a fat scratch solo or trumpet bop to break things up. We’re so stoked to have some of our best mates collaborating with us on this record – frequent stage invaders Mandeep., Ble33, Rachel Kerry, and Dan Tarbuck all feature, with some guest production from Bristol don, Dr Meaker.


released May 7, 2021

michael ruddlesden - music, sousaphone, production
seb skelly - music, trumpet, flugel, keys
adam mcloughlin - music, tenor sax, contrabass clarinet
looby - words, vox
joe prescott - trumpet, flugel
jake heath - alto sax, bari sax
ben smith - trombone, guitar
jasper rose - trombone
jack tann - drums, percussion
theo guttenplan - percussion (pidgin)
dj dubba dutch - scratch
jess camilleri - engineering, production

Rachel Kerry (Humble Pie)
Mandeep. (Danzon)
Ble33 (Best in Class)
Dr Meaker (Humble Pie)
Dan Tarbuck (Moon Under Water)

chris kalcov - additional engineering (the golden fleece, service with a smile, best in class)
dan johnson - bass guitar
alleya weibel - violin (the golden fleece, service with a smile, best in class)
hannah garty - violin (the golden fleece, service with a smile, best in class)
niamh sanders - viola (the golden fleece, service with a smile, best in class)
cristina cooper - cello (the golden fleece, service with a smile, best in class)
dan giles - double bass (the golden fleece, service with a smile)
alex shad - percussion (humble pie)
Dr Meaker - master


all rights reserved



dat Brass London, UK

anthemic horn lines and the tightest sousaphone, DJ & drum rhythm section this side of the millennium.

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